Thu, Apr 9, 2015 from 6:30pm - 8pm

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Like music and literature, film provides an immersive experience that can transport us to new places and perspectives. In following Seattle’s history on film, we can see both a documentation of how our built environment has changed, but also the ways in which narratives of Seattle have evolved, from early Hollywood features to local productions happening today. When looking behind-the-scenes, our experience of a film can be seen as a product of countless dedicated individuals along every stage of the process-from location scouts, advocates of our majestic theaters, and champions within creating spaces, and stories, that allow us to feel connected to a different time, location or person.

Location, Location: Exploring Seattle Through the Filmmaker’s Lens

Film provides a powerful window to see the world through someone else’s eyes. With its natural beauty and diverse architecture and population, countless filmmakers have felt compelled to tell their stories in Seattle. Yet Seattle’s film history is just as interesting when looking behind the camera as it is on screen. In this lecture, our panel explores Seattle’s relationship with film and the spaces which enhance our viewing experience.

David Drummond, Freelance location scout
Randy Hodgins, University of Washington
Vicky Lee, Seattle Theatre Group
Owen Richards, Owen Richards Architects

Moderated by:
Warren Etheredge, The Warren Report

Photos: Owen Richards Architects

SIFF Uptown Cinema

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