Wed, Oct 27 from 5pm - 6pm

This event has passed.

Breathe examines the way in which the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to reconsider how we relate to the world, interact with our community, and give more thought to the unconscious act of breathing in.  

We’ve invited two exhibitors featured in Seattle Architecture Foundation’s 24th Annual Model Exhibit:  Breathe to discuss how each project addresses the intertwined natural cycles that serve to embed us in our ecosystem, and how their work inspires us to reflect on our relationship with the environment. Join us on Zoom for this illuminating discussion. 



Juan Ferreira – Olson Kundig (Recompose.Life) 

Juan Ferreira joined Olson Kundig in 2016, bringing a passion for project conceptualization through visual narratives, storytelling, and model making. Throughout his tenure at OK, he has contributed to both architectural and exhibit design projects, including ANOHA—The Children’s World of the Jewish Museum Berlin, which won an international design competition; Tillamook Creamery; a Korean cinema-inspired eatery in Seoul; and several residential projects across the western United States. Outside of the office, Juan splits his time between exploring the PNW outdoors through surfing and camping, as well as hunkering down to work on personal projects including graphic design and illustration.

Shoshanah Haberman – Weber Thompson (MicroGarden) 

After starting her career as a Middle East Analyst for the Department of Defense, Shoshanah decided to switch careers to explore her creativity and connect with the outdoors. Landscape architecture was an obvious answer for her, and she hasn’t looked back since.

After obtaining her Master of Landscape Architecture degree from the University of Maryland, Shoshanah gained years of experience working hands on with residential clients in Seattle. She joined the Weber Thompson (WT) Landscape Architecture studio in the spring of 2019. At WT, Shoshanah enjoys diving into projects from which her passion for landscape architecture grew – solving design challenges that come with tight, difficult urban spaces.

This modular garden project started out as her master’s thesis. She built two prototypes and received a patent for the technology in 2019. WT’s What If program provided her with an opportunity to dive deeper and explore the practical applications of this modular garden as part of a building’s architecture and stormwater management system.


Moderator: Evan Chakroff, Graphite Design