Sat, Nov 4, 2023 from 1pm - 4pm

This event has passed.

Your street, your vision. What would it look like if YOU designed a section of Capitol Hill? What would a leveled-up street look like? The Seattle Architecture Foundation and Board & Vellum invite youth ages 10-16 to take the lead in reinvigorating the streetscape by designing and modeling their own parklet. During this two-hour workshop, participants will learn about parklets and their potential to change and challenge traditional city landscapes, gain hands-on experience creating three dimensional models, and work alongside local architects and landscape architects from the Board & Vellum office. Each participant will have the opportunity to design a parklet that will improve, or "level up", the pedestrian experience. 

Our youth workshops encourage students ages 10-16 to tackle social, environmental, and engineering challenges. With an extended emphasis on more conceptual issues and demanding architectural concepts, these workshops are perfect for older students. Hosted at Seattle-area architectural offices, SAF staff and volunteer architects support participants as they plan, build, and present solutions to imaginative and thought-provoking design challenges. 

Suitable for ages 10-16, no chaperone required. 

SAF offers no-questions-asked scholarships for all our Youth Programs. Please contact to inquire. 


Images by Jocelyn RC

Board & Vellum

115 15th Avenue East
Suite 100

Seattle, WA 98112