Wed, Aug 29, 2018 from 6pm - 8pm

This event has passed.

Celebrate the opening night reception for the 21st Annual Model Exhibit, Transparency and get a sneak peek before it opens to the public. Mingle with industry leadership and meet the designers and architects behind the models featured in the show.

A healthy and productive civic society rests on a foundation of trust and openness among citizens, government, and private organizations. As our news and conversations are filled with suspicions and conspiracy, and as we live through massive demographic changes in our cities due to gentrification, immigration, aging, and displacement, how can the work of architects and designers unite our communities for the better in the midst of civic upheaval? This year’s theme – Transparency – encourages entrants to explore the rich interplay between architectural design and civic life. 


*Complimentary program passes are not applicable for this event, however Corporate Members/Sponsors are able to take advantage of their member discount.  VIP Passes, provided to Sustained Supporters (3 year sponsors) can be used for this event. 

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